August 21, 2018
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  • Debi Vincent and Ryan vanBrackel are excited to see what comes of the partnership between Active Body & Health and RockWell Fitness.
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    Debi Vincent and Ryan vanBrackel are excited to see what comes of the partnership between Active Body & Health and RockWell Fitness.

Active Body & Health Joins Forces With RockWell Fitness

Dave Topp
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February 6, 2018

Dave and Debi Vincent knew it was time for a change. The owners of Active Body & Health had begun to feel a bit cramped after eight successful years in their northern Severna Park location just off Ritchie Highway near Cattail Creek.

“We felt like we were not able to grow in that space anymore,” said Debi Vincent.

With 15-plus years of teaching Pilates to her credit, as well as an established sports performance record with her husband, Dave, Debi began exploring all options.

Then, what could be considered nothing more than some small-town chatter directed Debi to call RockWell Fitness.

“I happen to be working with someone who is close with Deb,” said RockWell Fitness General Manager Ryan vanBrackel. At the time, vanBrackel was searching for a new means to offer sports performance training while adding Pilates classes to RockWell’s resume.

“Both of those were things that we didn’t have in the gym at the time and were things we were looking to add in the future,” he added.

Too often, likeminded businesses clash instead of working together. That was not the case in this instance.

“When I met Ryan and [RockWell owner] Sean Kostkowski, I was like, ‘This is a no-brainer,’” Debi said. “I walked in the door and felt comfortable.”

The opportunity to move to a more visible location and work within a membership-based fitness facility was enticing for the Vincents. Active Body & Health had worked mainly off a good reputation and client referrals previously.

“Why try to compete with them when we can find a way to make it work together?” said vanBrackel, who is now overseeing RockWell.

When both parties came together to discuss the partnership, it was clear that they shared similar values and goals for the community.

“We got really excited about the thought of being with others that do the same things that we do,” Debi said. “Most people are competing with each other versus working together.”

On January 1, Dave, Debi and five Active employees made the official move to Rockwell. The partnership meant a new 600-square-foot Pilates studio would be built inside RockWell near the spot where members used to enter the locker rooms. Additionally, the club was excited to add 26 new pieces of equipment to enhance its strength-training options.

“Both of our goals and visions are to be a central location for the Severna Park community and their health and fitness needs,” vanBrackel said.

RockWell Fitness and Active Body & Health are located at 551 Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard, Suite D. “It’s only been a month,” Debi said. “I can’t wait for what’s down the road.”

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