August 21, 2018
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  • “The Paris Portal” by Arnold author Anne Bashore recently became available in paperback.
    “The Paris Portal” by Arnold author Anne Bashore recently became available in paperback.

Anne Bashore Transports Readers Through “The Paris Portal”

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May 2, 2018

In her first book, “The Paris Portal,” Arnold author Anne Bashore gives readers the opportunity to travel through time.

“The Paris Portal,” a historical/science fiction book, is about a woman named Daphne who travels back in time to save stolen artwork. In the midst of her travels, she accidently saves someone who was supposed to die and ends up falling in love with him.

The book goes back and forth from present day to 1925.

“We wanted to write a story that had a realistic romance but also had a strong independent woman as the lead,” Bashore said.

“We” refers to Bashore and her co-author, Meghan Elizabeth Wilson. The two authors met at a writing forum and hit it off.

“She is actually the one who encouraged me to finish the book,” Bashore said.

Bashore wrote during every spare moment that she had. She works during the day at Anne Arundel Community College as an office manager for instructional partnerships. She is also a pastor’s wife and a mom to three boys.

“I am pretty busy, but writing has been a great stress relief,” Bashore said.

She and Wilson started writing the book in November 2016 and took about five to six months to complete the manuscript. After that, the focus shifted to getting feedback from family members.

“My entire family and my friends have been extremely supportive throughout this entire process,” Bashore said.

Bashore also did the cover art and published through Amazon’s self-publishing service. The book became available through e-books on Kindle and Amazon in December 2017 but was not made available for paperback on Amazon until March 2018.

Bashore said that she has always been into writing and history, and was excited by the prospect of combining those two interests. “We got our ideas from different TV shows and movies that focus on time travel, but we didn’t want to copy them, so we just tried to make it our own,” she said.

“The Paris Portal” is the first book in a planned trilogy. According to Bashore, there are six books in this universe. The second book is mostly written.

“The first three books will be a trilogy, and the last three books will be its own trilogy following the kids of the main characters but still in the same universe,” she explained.

Bashore said that her inspiration for writing is historical fiction writer Sharon Kay Penman. “The way she just knows how to capture an audience is amazing,” Bashore said.

“I hope readers like and are excited for the books,” Bashore added. “I [also] hope that readers can connect with these characters … there’s a lot of ‘should I or shouldn’t I root for them’ because of some the actions they make.”

Readers can follow the writing duo on all social media platforms through the handle “B&W Authors.”

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