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  • Weekend Events March 9-11

    Cheers to the weekend! Check out our calendar of events happening around Severna Park this weekend.

    Friday, March 9
    March Mayhem at Park Tavern. 11:00am-11:59pm.
    More info here.
    Jacob’s Creek Tasting at Harbour Spirits. 4:00-7:00pm.
    More info here.

  • St. Martin’s-In-The-Field Presents $804 To YWCA Of ArnoldExclusive

    On behalf of St. Martin’s-in-the-Field Episcopal Church, the Reverend Matthew Hanisian recently presented a $804 check to Molly Knipe, CEO of YWCA of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, which is located in Arnold. The funds were from donated by the church via a second collection to support...
  • End Gerrymaryland

    Look, it's a Rorschach blot! It's a crazy quilt! It's a constipated dragon! It's definitely not Superman. It's a map of Maryland's congressional districts.
    This year, I brought the fight against congressional gerrymandering back to the General Assembly, introducing House...
  • A Freeze On Development

    Anne Arundel County is a wonderful place, which is why more people want to come here to live and work. However, an increasing population puts stress on our schools, roads and public safety. To manage these stresses, our administration is committed to smart growth in areas with adequate...
  • Radical Changes To Our School Safety Plan

    As our country scratches and claws for answers to protect our children in schools, I have offered a five-point plan to help minimize armed threats. The Anne Arundel County Police Department and our public school system have done an outstanding job with the minimal resources at their disposal, but...
  • Righting The Wrongs Of The “Slots For Tots” Promise

    Back in 2007, I was still getting used to my new position as comptroller when momentum to legalize slot machine gambling intensified.
    It was the depth of the recession, the state had a huge budget hole and lawmakers were desperate for more revenue to plug the gap. So, after years of rebuffing the...
  • “Slots For Tots” Vs. The Commitment To Education Act

    “Slots for Tots” was a cute slogan for a referendum item on the 2008 General Election ballot. That item would allow video lottery terminals in newly built Maryland casinos, with proceeds from the slots to benefit Maryland public schools.
    Here’s a little refresher on how this...
  • Laser Your Gum Disease

    New methods for treating medical conditions and diseases are always being developed. Arthroscopy has allowed surgeons to be minimally invasive. Using lasers, LASIK can correct vision.
    Dentistry has lasers and procedures (LANAP=LAR and LAPIP) to treat periodontal disease in a minimally invasive way...
  • What To Know Ahead Of Allergy Season

    It’s time again to stock up on tissues and your preferred antihistamines. Allergy season is upon us.
    Nasal allergies affect nearly 50 million people in the United States, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
    The most universally bothersome allergens are pollens, said...
  • What Is Shingrix And Is It Right For Me?

    Lately at the pharmacy counter, I have been getting many questions about the new shingles shot. It is called Shingrix, not to be confused with the old shingles shot Zostavax. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just came out with January 2018 recommendations for the use of herpes...
  • Did You Know Hearing Aids Also Improve Balance?

    A study conducted by Johns Hopkins and funded by the National Institute of Health showed people who didn't hear that well had an increased likelihood of falls. This information led researchers to question whether hearing aids held the key to better balance for people with hearing loss.
    In a...
  • The Real Fountain Of Youth

    “I am in better shape today in my 50s than I was in my 20s.” That’s a powerful phrase someone mentioned to me recently.
    How many of us can say that we are better today than we were in our 20s? We reflect on our 20s and we think young, free, dumb (for me at least) and unstoppable...
  • UM BWMC’s Heartbeat For Health Creates Wellness Awareness

    University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center’s annual Heartbeat for Health expo, which was held this year on February 10 at the Y in Arnold, engaged community members in hands-on lessons and entertained them with upbeat dance performances and demonstrations, all to get people...
  • Chamber Update

    Severna Park and Arnold are beautiful and unique communities where we shop, dine, live and play. We love our communities and many of us have lived here all our lives. We can drive anywhere in Maryland, skiing at Wisp Resort in the winter and enjoying the Ocean City beach in the summer.
    We can...
  • Community Contributors: Heat Cardio Club Already Making Its Mark On Severna Park

    Heat Cardio Club is making working out fun again.
    The new space, which opened in September, is a cross between a gym and a night club. In fact, the workouts feature club lights.
    This, of course, was by design.
    “There aren’t lights on. Nobody is pointing at them telling them that they...
  • Maryland Performing Arts Center Opens Beautiful New Location

    Following six months of renovation, the new Maryland Performing Arts Center facility opened its doors to students in early March. Modeled to capture the look and feel of a New York-style studio — with exposed light bulbs, duct work and brick walls — the state-of-the-art studio offers...
  • Planning For Retirement Is Like Climbing Mount Everest

    The struggle to climb to the summit of the highest mountain on Earth at 29,029 feet above sea level is long, arduous and fraught with danger. Sir Edmund Hillary is recognized as the first person to succeed in conquering Mount Everest. Although he may not have been the first to summit (there is...
  • Jing Ying Donates To Alzheimer’s Association

    Following a first year participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, the Jing Ying Institute of Kung Fu & Tai Chi – which claimed the title of top fundraiser in Anne Arundel County – was happy to have Dawn Lewis (second from right), development and community relations...
  • Ledo Pizza Unveils A New Look

    If you stop by Severna Park’s Ledo Pizza location, you might notice that it looks a little different inside. Owner Martin Gorman decided the restaurant needed a new look, so last September, he met with a designer to come up with something fresh, open and modern.
    The project took about six...
  • EscapeTime Opens First Location In Severna Park

    A team of native Anne Arundel County real estate professionals is bringing a new entertainment venue to Severna Park Market Center.
    With the grand opening of its first location at 487 Ritchie Highway, EscapeTime will offer the opportunity for team-building, birthday celebrations and a night out to...
  • Kris-Leigh Catered Living Reopens Following Renovation

    Kris-Leigh Catered Living was proud to partner with the Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce for a recent grand reopening and ribbon cutting ceremony at its Severna Park location. Both visitors and families alike have shared the sentiment that it is nice to have an elegant assisted...
  • Priddy Academy Students Compete In Battle Of The Bands

    Priddy Music Academy students rocked the ninth annual Battle of the Bands at Union Jack’s in Annapolis on February 11.

    Nearly 400 people attended the show, according to Lee Priddy, the students’ teacher and event coordinator. The event ran for four hours, and each band was...

  • Annapolis Film Festival Handpicks Best For Its Audience

    Annapolis is not your average city, and the Annapolis Film Festival (AFF) is certainly not your average film festival.
    “In other towns like Tribeca, it’s not like this,” said Lee Anderson, a festival director. “They parade celebs onstage, but you never get to meet them in...
  • The Man Who Reads Minds

    Imagine waiting to sit and order your favorite meal, a fried clam sandwich served with a side of fries and blue cheese coleslaw, only to have someone come up to you and share the name of your first pet or the first person you ever kissed. Keep in mind, you’ve neither seen nor spoken to this...
  • “Black Panther” Illustrates The Struggle Present Throughout Black Literature And Social Movements

    “Black Panther” may have revitalized my hope that superhero movies can be enjoyable, thought-provoking and worth watching.
    Wakanda, the fictional country and hidden kingdom of “Black Panther,” is reminiscent of Asgard in the sense that it is hidden and imbued with a sense...


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